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It had a strong cast mostly centered around Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon and Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy as head writer and network executive respectively, as they try to manage the chaotic talent of Tracy Jordan played by Tracy Morgan. Brooklyn Nine-Nine , meanwhile, ran from to on Fox and was then cancelled and picked up by NBC who spotted the fan outcry as a sure bet that the show was worth saving. It centers around the 99th police precinct in Brooklyn as they try to do their jobs as police while getting up to hijinks, Another strong cast is on deck, this time led by Andy Samberg who plays Jake Peralta , a detective, and his sergeant Terry Jeffords Terry Crews. Today’s news, however, concerns writers. There’s not much indication about details but according to NBC this project “is described as an ensemble comedy about black friends, their dating lives and wine. Not every pilot gets made, and not every finished pilot gets aired, and not every aired pilot becomes a show, sso the large number of new projects will not turn into an equal number of shows, but the comedy talent NBC is collecting suggests the network is trying to develop a strong line-up for their upcoming streaming service, Peacock. Source: Variety. Isabel presently writes for Screen Rant, combining her love of movies and words.

How to watch the 30 Rock reunion special: time, TV channels, boycotts and Peacock

T o everything, there is a season to shut it down. Through seven years, episodes, 14 Emmy wins and what its writers estimate as 23, hard-won punch lines, 30 Rock and its frequently food-stained heroine, Liz Lemon, have taught us that much, at least. Alec Baldwin went from trying to quit the show a couple of seasons back to lobbying for another season, even offering to cut his salary. Now, the table read for the final episode is looming, and the actors are starting to get emotional — particularly the one who, not long ago, would go on local morning shows and promise to get everyone pregnant.

In front of him is a tray of buns and a selection of condiments.

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There were lots of major announcements at DC FanDome Check out everything you missed in our news roundup. Read more. Title: Blind Date 25 Oct Jack convinces Liz to go on a date with his friend Thomas. Since she hadn’t had a date for a year, Liz gets quite nervous about the Blind Date. When her date turns out to be a woman, Liz is quite confused about how other people see her.

Meanwhile the writing staff have a poker night with Tracy and Jack. The later one turns the usually friendly game into a tough competition, when he convinces everyone to play for real money. The only one, who gives Jack a hard time winning is Kenneth. Written by Anonymous. The third episode in the series finally reaches it’s potential after the first two ho-hum episodes.

Liz Lemon’s White Guilt, The Black Crusaders, and Grizz and Dot Com: Why ’30 Rock’ Mattered On Race

I’ve never written a single work on 30 Rock other than, perhaps, a stray comment or two on your blog and I still find myself very disappointed with the quality of the show this season and last season too, to a lesser extent. I don’t even find it able to hold my attention very much anymore, and often I end up doing little things around my apartment while I’m “watching” it. Compare that to “The Office”; despite having what is definitely an uneven season, I still enjoy it far too much to ever look away for something as boring as dusting my bookshelves.

Honestly, I’d love for you to come back in a few weeks and say whether your hiatus has improved your viewing experience, or if you’re just as bored with it as many of the rest of us regular viewers. I think even if the Khonani thing had been more timely, it would have suffered because the satire was just so, so toothless. Compared to how Jimmy Kimmel tore in Jay Leno, the whole “they’re both great!

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In a trailer you can watch below, Lemon spouts off at a stranger who isn’t wearing a mask in public you’re wearing yours, right , and reveals that she’s got a face mask that features her own face, in a permanent yelling position. Highly relatable stuff. Meanwhile, Kenneth is living it large, dressed well enough to look like his success last seen in the 30 Rock series finale hasn’t petered off yet. And as we see Tracy yelling on the phone and Jenna seemingly on the verge of tears accepting an award — again on the phone – you and I probably started to realize how they shot the episode.

In person, but with only one star at a time. There’s only one eentsy-weentsy huge problem. That means many folks around the country won’t be able to watch the 30 Rock reunion special live.

30 Rock Cast Will Reunite For A One Hour Special

NBC pages no longer receive overtime, and pink slips rain down in almost every department. Fey is one of the funniest comedy writers on television and a gifted mimic Sarah Palin , and she is at her worst playing a comic version of herself. She has surrounded Liz with a menagerie of wonderfully silly and original characters and is reluctant to play their straight man.

30 Rock is an NBC Work Com starring Tina Fey (also a writer and executive producer as well as the creator of the series) and Alec Baldwin. The show was .

Well, the big day is finally here: Tonight we’ll watch Liz, Jack, and the rest of the TGS gang say their final goodbyes. If 30 Rock has been a bit uneven in recent seasons, the one thing that remained a constant was the hilarious, quotable lines that the show’s talented writing team would sprinkle into each episode. I spent the past few weeks culling through my favorites to come up of the very best lines—from the weird to the wonderful to the wonderfully weird. The only rule: Each of the entries had to work as a standalone quote, sans context, which in most cases, made them even funnier.

Relive some of the best 30 Rock moments below, and by all means, let’s keep this going in the comments. Long live Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon!


There were lots of major announcements at DC FanDome Check out everything you missed in our news roundup. Read more. Title: Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter 22 Apr

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As Liz and Tracy got to know each other, 30 Rock pulled off an extraordinarily difficult feat. In its early years, it was often a show about the ways in which the broad preconceptions of white liberals fail them when they begin some of their first personal and professional relationships with people of color. But of course, Liz is rife with racial hangups, many of which she mistook for sensitivity.

When she offered to give him time off to attend reading classes, Tracy amused himself by taking advantage of her condescension. I once tried to make mashed potatoes with laundry detergent! I think I voted for Nader! Ghetto fabulous! When Tracy joins the show, he finds himself in immediate tension with staff writer Toofer Keith Powell , a Harvard-educated black writer who views with Tracy with horror. You need to study your grammar, son.

Still Biting the Hand That Feeds

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The show finds its groove and delivers its first great episode of the season. Having established its characters and its setting, 30 Rock can now settle in and focus on the laughs– and with episode three, they did just that. Playing to its strengths, ” Blind Date ” focused on the show’s two most fully realized characters, while allowing the supporting characters a chance to grow. In doing so, 30 Rock gave us a half hour full of funny.

With this episode, the show presented a perfect balance of zany, over-the-top jokes with subtle, down-to-earth humor. The two sides of this comedy coin were personified by the smug, successful Jack Donaghy and the single, struggling Liz Lemon. Enough cannot be said about Alec Baldwin’s turn as Jack. It’s the perfect pairing of actor to part, which is no surprise knowing that Tina Fey created the character with Mr. Baldwin in mind. In Jack’s world, everyone wants to know his opinion and his opinion is always right.

This is why he doesn’t have any problem discussing Liz’s love life or setting her up on an unsolicited blind date. And when Jack sees what Liz will be wearing to the date, he doesn’t hesitate to pull a wad of cash from his pocket and instruct her to go shop for some new clothes… “at a women’s clothing store. Instead of a cold meanness, Baldwin inflects an unexpected caring innocence, because, really, he’s only trying to do what he thinks is best.

Jack Donaghy doesn’t exist in the real world.

STAGE TUBE: Sneak Peek – A Blind Date for Liz on NBC’s 30 ROCK

No doubt a lot of work goes into the daft, delirious comedy of 30 Rock , but it seems to spring fully formed from the brow of Tina Fey. Ridiculous plot turns and giddy wordplay unfold organically in every episode. There’s something truly elegant about 30 Rock , a sense of flow and delight that runs under the surface of every episode. Guest stars are as wildly varied as Susan Sarandon as a newly released sex offender , Queen Latifah as a congresswoman ordering more diversity on NBC , and Condoleezza Rice as herself, a former lover of Jack.

Highlights include an episode performed live in which Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Liz Lemon in her memories , dozens of inspired tossed-off bits like Kenneth being used as a human sushi platter, and celebrities’ will to mock themselves mercilessly, like Matt Lauer fawning over Tracy in an interview. Extras include audio commentaries by completely inappropriate guests like Aaron Sorkin, deleted scenes, animated shorts of Jack Donaghy as a superhero, and more.

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Appearing: Tina Fey. S1 E3 1 min Highlight Comedy Primetime. Tracy Jordan vs. Liz Lemon’s Perfect Jeans – 30 Rock. Liz Lemon Gets in a Fight – 30 Rock. Kenneth the Mystery Page – 30 Rock. Liz and Jenna’s Biggest Fights – 30 Rock. Jenna Maroney Adopts a Gibbon – 30 Rock. Jack Tempts Kenneth – 30 Rock.

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A sub-reddit for the fans and critics of the show 30 Rock. Discussion of the show, pictures from the show and anything else 30 Rock related. Links: Wikipedia Imdb. Summary from imdb : Liz can’t get anyone to give her a ride home from her oral surgery, which is scheduled for Valentine’s Day.

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NBC is going to bring back the good old days, and it will be happening with the return of 30 Rock. You read it right 30 Rock is all set to come back but in a different avatar. The special episode will come on 16th July at 8 pm on NBC. All the member from the cast is expected to rejoin the series for one last time. Instead, there is a bigger picture to it. The series was a hit show in , and fans were expecting a spinoff series. Source: HypeBeast. This is going to be a reminder to the good old days as the fans will get a double dose of the characters.

The series is expected to be a promo for the new launched the series. This is going to be a great moment for the fans as they will see both the series. The episode will be aired across the USA in an hour-long event where there will be no commercials.

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