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Sarah, 18, attended her first Grateful Dead show with her parents when she was 5 and dreams of someday taking in a concert with her own child–a third-generation Deadhead. Welcome to the Grateful Dead show, which plays in Anaheim this weekend. Its parishioners vary widely, from doctors and lawyers, to back-to-the-land types and nomadic bus drivers with long hair, beards, beads and rainbow-colored T-shirts. The high priest is the music; the guiding tenet: Question authority, but to a heavy back beat. A Grateful Dead concert is preceded by an entourage of Deadheads who follow the band from stop to stop in a sort of traveling counterculture village. The band insists that towns staging the shows set aside campgrounds for the throngs. Gans, turning an obsession into a livelihood, wrote a book about the Dead, is host for the weekly Deadhead Hour, which airs on FM stations in San Francisco and Philadelphia, and with Deadhead friend Mary Eisenhart organized a modem-linked computer data base for Deadheads, run out of Sausalito. Deadheads have compiled lists of every song played in more than two decades of Dead concerts, in the order the tunes were played. Since the band lets fans record its shows, there may be tapes of every song the band has ever played in public. Based in Marin County, the band has long been noted for playing outside the recording industry mainstream, shunning studios and record deals in favor of concert tours, performed for an extended family of a few hundred thousand fans.

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Folsom Field – For decades, the venue has been a legendary haven for Deadheads dating back to the early ‘s. While the Dead had played numerous.

I think I went to 67 Grateful Dead shows. I checked with my fellow Deadheads after Jerry Garcia died and tried to figure out a rough number of shows we had been to together, which is how I came up with the estimate of 67 shows. And they were awesome. I bet no one from my high school class can remember what it was. I still listen to the Dead channel on Sirius and also my 50 or so concert tapes. I guess I need to get those transferred to a disc before they disintegrate.

DEADHEAD Dating problems…

Give up? They are all members of the inimitable community of Grateful Dead fans commonly and affectionately known as Deadheads. This subset grew in number, soon giving birth to a community with its own set of rules and even slang.

Kant also represented a number of musicians dating to the s, including Janis Joplin and Sonny and Cher. Rainbow Over Grateful Dead Concert Evokes​.

Lookin for someone to finally have a conversation with. Seems like only other hippies are capable of that. Just loving. Click HERE to ask me to complete this section! Im a mother of three that choose the forest before the city. I like people that live outside the box and can think for themselfs. I am creative and appreciate deep talks, space for sharing with eaxhother, dance, music, singing, yoga, making things Joining only takes a minute. Joining our community will allow us to better match you with other members.

LI Deadheads recall their favorite Nassau Coliseum shows

Over the years the band had several studio albums some of which led to commercial success and songs on the radio, however many were unsuccessful in capturing their live, improvisational feel leading many fans to see them as primarily a live band. This success lead to a new generation of Grateful Dead fans characterized by more extreme drug use and run ins with police Sylvan Deadheads continue to organize their community around trading and discussing tapes, online forums and attending concerts put on by surviving members Adams The expanding ability to share tapes and recordings on the internet has also allowed the deadhead community to remain connected through online tape trading networks Harvey The Grateful Dead in , from a promotional photo shoot.

The Grateful Dead were a reserve of countercultural values which remained strong and even grew in strength as the counterculture declined in mainstream America Sylvan

Band Name, Date(/Time), Venue, City. August (Calendar). (All dates & times are subject to change). Rays of Violet, Sat Aug 15 / PM, Hometown Harvest.

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Confessions of a Deadhead as the trip comes to an end

The amorphous tribe known as Deadheads ends a year of mourning and painful readjustment tomorrow on the first anniversary of the death of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia. Going to a Dead show was like nothing else, and nothing’s been like it since. Farnham, 36, looks like a ’90s guy but with long hair and hippie leanings.

A Grateful Dead concert is preceded by an entourage of Deadheads who Bill Graham, who has promoted perhaps 1, Dead shows dating.

So the other week I’m getting my hair cut, and Julie the hairstyling goddess, a young thing of twentysomething who’s into tattoos, hair color as art form, and lots of black clothing, hears of the impending tour and my hopes of getting Shoreline tix, and says, “I have a question. What’s a Dead Head? How would you define it? So I hemmed and hawed a bit. I said it was the kind of thing that if you said you were one, no one could say you weren’t. I may have mentioned Ann Coulter.

Some were there for the party and that was pretty much it. Some were there for the community. Some were there for the life-changing spiritual experience.

Folsom Field

Welcome to the latest installment of The Collectors, a series in which InsideHook profiles people behind impressive private collections. From the tape traders to the fans that followed the band around on tour after tour, decade after decade, few fanbases have remained as diehard as Deadheads. Welch has amassed one of the largest collections of Grateful Dead shirts and psychedelia known to humankind. His stash of common and impossible-to-find tees has garnered the attention of true Deadheads and celebrities alike, from actor Jonah Hill to rappers Flatbush Zombies to chef and TV star Matty Matheson.

This past June, Welch left his home in St.

Meet other local Deadheads to trade tapes and tales. Dead Heads | New York, USA. Michael Michael. Organized by Michael. Michael Michael. Organized​.

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